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F irst of all, I would like to thank the College Council for their trust. It is a great honor for me to be elected as the College President (2022-2025) and I believe there is a long way to go.

In the past decade, under the leadership of the Founding President Ms. Lam Yin Ming and the Immediate Past President Mr. Jimmy Wong, the Hong Kong College of Community and Public Health Nursing focused on "professional beliefs" and "excellent skills" by practicing the "Nursing spirit" of "Harmonious care" with commitments and competency to serve the Hong Kong citizens wholeheartedly in the community. This is specifically seen in the past three years in the fighting the haunting COVID-19 pandemic, be it the public health nurse from the Department of Health, or the outreaching community health nurse from the Hospital Authority, or a primary health nurse from any designated clinic and General Outpatient Clinic, and least to say nurses from District Health Centers. They are all fighting at the frontier against the COVID-19. They have worked tirelessly and fearlessly to safeguard the Hong Kong citizens and created miracles one after another. This kind of professional nursing spirit deserves everyone's admiration and appreciation. We are extremely proud of ourselves. I believe that the nursing colleagues working in the community health, primary health, occupational health and public health fields will continue to provide high-quality nursing care services in their respective specialties to the community.

The Government has just launched the primary healthcare blueprint. The primary healthcare blueprint paints a beautiful picture for primary healthcare in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong College of Community and Public Health Nursing totally agrees with this the vision of the blueprint, but I believe that it will not be a simple matter to implement and practice all the suggestions in the blueprint. It certainly requires the joint efforts of all stakeholders in the society in order to achieve the goal. To promote the practice of the measures in the blueprint for primary healthcare, there must be the support of a strong, multidisciplinary medical health care team. In this regard, our nurses working in the community, primary, occupational and public health specialties play an important role. I strongly trust that everyone will get united, not only to perform well in the current work, but also to cooperate and contribute actively with the government's series of reform measures of Hong Kong health care system. Since 2019, the Hong Kong College of Community and Public Health Nursing and the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing have provided professional training in primary health care for nurses who are currently working and those who are interested working in district health centers. So far, more than 300 nurses have participated in the training, and many of them have joined district health centers to provide services to Hong Kong citizens. We will continue to strengthen the professional training of community and primary health care personnel, to cultivate a group of excellent community, primary and public health care nursing professionals, and to provide opportunities for nursing practice with a view that more nursing colleagues are willing to join the community care, primary health care and public health services.

Moreover, the Hong Kong College of Community and Public Health Nursing has overcome many difficulties and finally 18 new fellows have been conferred in year 2021. I hope that more young community health, primary health care, occupational health and public health nurses are willing to receive specialist training to be a specialist fellow with core competencies and leadership in community care, primary heath care and public health care, improve the standard and quality of care, and protect the health of Hong Kong citizens.

Over the years, the Hong Kong College of Community and Public Health Nursing has been working closely with China nursing institutions namely the Guangdong Nursing Association, Community Nursing and Outpatient Nursing Professional Committee of China Nursing Association, and Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group in providing knowledge exchange and training with remarkable achievements. We will continue to participate actively in the development of medical and health services in the Greater Bay Area, and make due contributions to promoting the construction of a healthy China.

President 2022-2025